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Name:Ysalwen Surana, Warden-Commander of Ferelden
Ysalwen Surana is the child of a Dalish elf and an elf from the alienage in Denerim. She was going to be sent to her father when the Dalish next came through the area, but at the age of five she exhibited her magic in protecting her mother from humans. This act left her with white hair and resulted in her being sent to the Circle of Magi on Lake Calenhad.

Her penchant for destructive and death magic, and her inability to learn healing, support, or creation spells, made her few friends in the Circle. There was only Jowan, and he turned out to be a blood mage.

Joining the Wardens was the first breath of freedom Ysalwen felt in years. It's this joy in freedom, and her desire to free others that are bound, or to stop anyone from being hindered in their own choices that influences all her decisions as a Grey Warden and the Hero of Ferelden.

TATTOO: Second one down here, aka the only asymmetrical one.

Ysalwen Surana is on the small side (5'2'-ish in boots), slight, with a black facial tattoo on the right side of her face, going from her temple to halfway down her cheek. Her hair is white and frequently braided, her eyes are dark brown, she has pointed elven ears, and she's got her mabari hound, Liranan, with her a lot of the time.

Ysalwen Surana is from Dragon Age: Origins and is the property of EA Games and Bioware, for use in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit is being made.
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