freedom_is_grey: (fancy dress party)
Ysalwen Surana, Warden-Commander of Ferelden ([personal profile] freedom_is_grey) wrote2016-02-05 08:11 pm

walk, walk fashion baby

It's been an interesting and adventurous few days -- understatement -- but what is coming today is perhaps the most interesting and adventurous moment of them all.

Introducing Cullen to Wade and Herren, the finest blacksmiths and designers in any country, and seeing what vision Wade has for him.

It is sure to be interesting.

And potentially life-saving, as Ysalwen has found out too many times to count.

And so.

"He's a very, um, particular sort of person, is Wade," Ysalwen murmurs to Cullen just before they enter the smithy. "Herren is the more grounded. And the more silent. Just -- try not to get offended?"

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