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Mission: Impossible -- with mercenaries and Tal-Vashoth

They've scoped out the three target merc companies over many long nights going over documentation and word-of-mouth. They've come up with a backstory for James, she's brought him what was essentially a bucket full of daggers from which to pick those that fit his purposes best, and they've gone through packing materials, bedrolls, waterskins, maps -- all of it.

They're as prepared as they can be, which is why Ysalwen, bundled up in her cloak and with a travel pack (and her sword) slung over her shoulders, is waiting by the front door for James to arrive. Liranan -- fitted out in his spiked collar and Lady of the Skies kaddith -- is there, too, tongue lolling out with excitement.

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On the other side of the door, in his apartment, he's carefully going through his own weapon set. He knows he'll be able to use the ones Ysalwen brought for him to choose just fine, but it never hurts to have a backup.

Or two, or three.

He settles on several matte-black throwing knives, then adds a couple of garrotes to hidden pockets, and calls it good enough. He also adds a small package of caffeine pills. He hates the damn things, but with sleep being as dangerous as Ysalwen had described, it might not hurt to have them around, just in case.

This is important. He has to do it right. This matters.

One final glance around, and then he pushes the door open and steps through.
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His answering smile is not nearly as easy or bright, but it exists all the same.

"I try to be. Hello, Liranan."

He offers his right hand to the mabari, evidently willing to scratch Liranan's ears.

"Not unless the situation's changed, or your intel has."
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"She can ask me whatever she wants," he says, quietly. "Whenever."

"And you're right. I won't stare. I ... know a little about that kind of thing."

He gives Liranan a final rub, then straightens.

"Ready when you are."
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He follows through without hesitation, moving a little to the left once he clears the door so that the way is clear for Liranan.

James pauses, briefly, as he casts an assessing look around the area.
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He sizes the other man up, taking in the wear on his leather armor (along with the crow-feather motif that seems to be a recurring theme) as well as the way Zevran handles his weapons.

It all adds up in a very familiar way, and the corner of his mouth twitches upward in something like a smile as he nods a greeting in response to Ysalwen's introduction.

"She said you were good."

He may sound laconic, but it's clearly a compliment all the same.
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He doesn't laugh, but there's more than a little bit of a smirk evident as Liranan takes Zevran down. This kind of back and forth -- it's familiar somehow, in a way that he'd almost forgotten.

Then Meraad enters the clearing, and his expression instantly fades into something much more calm and steady as he takes stock of her. Hearing about the Qunari from Ysalwen's not the same as meeting one.

(He doesn't appear to notice the scars around her mouth at all; certainly his glance never rests on them.)

"You're welcome."

Quiet but clear.

"I'll help all I can."
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Quiet but clear. He doesn't smile, but there's something about the look in his eyes that seems somehow understanding.

"I'm not afraid."

James glances over at Ysalwen.

"And no, I'm not. But it'll be fine."
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James nods.

"Lead the way."

She is the commander here, after all.
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"So long as it doesn't distract you too much," James replies, dryly.
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It may sound neutral, but there's something of clear understanding in his eyes as he nods to Zevran.

(Memories of Natasha will ever, always, hold a place in his heart... and did to some extent even when he didn't realize it.)

"You'll have to forgive us," he calls to Meraad as she passes. "We all have our flaws."
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He falls in line, behind and slightly to the left, watching to the sides as they move.

Familiar habits, from familiar times, but just as useful now as they were then.