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Ysalwen Surana, Warden-Commander of Ferelden ([personal profile] freedom_is_grey) wrote2016-03-03 10:32 pm
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Let me be your everlasting light

In bed that night, skin bare and more than slightly damp, with her head pillowed comfortably on Zev's shoulder --

"Should I go to Kirkwall? I want to, you know I want to. But I don't -- should I?"

His laugh is warm and a little rough, and he presses his cheek against her forehead, breath gusting out against her face.

"Ah, mi corazon. Do I say no, you will feel guilty when you go. And then I will feel guilty when you return, as you undoubtedly will."

He knows her so well.

"Do I say yes, I will still feel guilty when you go and there is no one to watch your back. Not as well as I do, anyway, and certainly without as much enjoyment."

Ysalwen sucks in a quick breath, because that last bit was certainly accompanied with a particular sort of gesture.

Zevran, meanwhile, keeps talking, as if his hands are just lying there innocently and completely unoccupied.

"So I say instead that I will go with you, and we will bring Nathaniel and all his little arrows, to keep our enemies as far from us as possible. Which was surely your plan all along, oh wisest among all Wardens that I call mine."

His chuckle roughens suddenly, as Ysalwen's hands are also no longer resting idly.

"You'll hear no dispute from me," she murmurs, leaning up to kiss his chin, and his cheek, and the tip of his nose. "This way we can skip any thought of parting. I hate that part so much."

And then the time for words is past. (That part, neither of them hate at all.)


Later, robe half-slipping off her shoulders, she pens a note.


Going to Kirkwall. Hear it's a clusterfuck. One of mine is stuck there and I'm going to see if I can convince him to get himself out. If you don't hear from me within the month, come and get me, too. I'll try not to need it.

- Ysa

And then a second.


Going to Kirkwall. Will try not to cause diplomatic incident. Talk to Lel and come get me if I am not back in a month. I should be able to hold out until then, even if everything goes pear-shaped. Rescuing lost Wardens is so much trouble. Worth it, but still.

-- Ysa