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walk, walk fashion baby

It's been an interesting and adventurous few days -- understatement -- but what is coming today is perhaps the most interesting and adventurous moment of them all.

Introducing Cullen to Wade and Herren, the finest blacksmiths and designers in any country, and seeing what vision Wade has for him.

It is sure to be interesting.

And potentially life-saving, as Ysalwen has found out too many times to count.

And so.

"He's a very, um, particular sort of person, is Wade," Ysalwen murmurs to Cullen just before they enter the smithy. "Herren is the more grounded. And the more silent. Just -- try not to get offended?"
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Mutters Cullen, with something resembling good grace: "I didn't get offended when somebody sliced my face open. I think I can handle myself in a smithy."

Someone did indeed slice Cullen's face open! Well. His lip. In a bar fight. That Cullen was trying to stop. After buying the keep's soldiers a round to show his appreciation for their very hard work. And because there wasn't a healer close by, it scarred -- a couple of inches long, on the right side of his face.

It's not the worst injury he's ever had.
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"And you'll give him more ammunition, because you'll think it's funny." Cullen shakes his head. "How are you more offended than I am? It was just a fight."
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Cullen follows her in, rolling his eyes --

-- and holds up both his hands like practice mitts. "Fine. Throw a punch now. If you can knock me back, I'll -- do something that you'll find sufficient reparation for not letting you finish a fight neither one of us started."
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"Convenient excuse," he hisses at Ysalwen.

(He's quite enjoyed his time in Amaranthine. As busy as it's been... he can't quite remember the last time he felt this relaxed.)
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"Utilitarian is quite fine," Cullen interjects hastily.

He's imagining something... truly awful, in the pauldron area. Greaves that might catch in the underbrush. Some kind of wing or antler on the helmet.

All these things are completely impractical.
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Cullen gives her a horrified look.

"What's wrong with the standard mail? Or standard plate?"
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Cullen rustles a little -- not quite bristling -- but subsides.

(He and a mabari have that ability in common.)

"Fine." A sidelong look. "But if you suggest getting something fitted, I'll ask him to pull out the most ornate and absurd thing he has for you."
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"Plate," Cullen hisses. "Full plate, your size."

(He has just finished running a slightly horrified hand through his hair. You get a uniform, you wear the uniform, you take care of the uniform. That's what you do! Not -- choice.)
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Cullen wouldn't ever wear the closest display piece himself, but it's impressive enough -- beautiful enough -- to make him stop hissing and pay attention.

It looks a great deal like the Sunburst Throne at the Grand Cathedral in Val Royeaux -- layered, tapered points, one on top of another. Only when Cullen looks closer, he can't decide whether the cool red-gold metal is supposed to be flames... or scales, like a dragon's ruff.

He knows better than to reach out and touch, though he dearly wants to.

(He does peer closely enough to see how the edges of the breastplate are finished. They're impeccable, of course.)
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" -- yes." He looks up. "Something short of full plate. And -- "

Cullen brushes his hand in the direction of, but does not actually touch, the knotwork pattern. "No filigree. It's -- attractive, to be sure, but it might give a grappling chain additional purchase."

(It was the flame scales that did it: now Cullen is interested.)
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A set of the clean-lined pauldrons catches Cullen's eye -- a few layers, neat-bordered, likely silverite. Which means they'd be quite light to wear.

They're paired with a silverite breastplate -- multi-layered construction, fashioned well, with ingeniously-fashioned straps connecting the two pieces. And they'd go well over the black leather armor he already has.

Cullen allows as he quite likes that set, and inquires further about its construction. (The answers are... rather to his satisfaction.)
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Cullen, meanwhile, looks as though he either wants to bolt or maybe encourage Ysalwen to try to hit him again.

More hissing, to Ysalwen:

"Be my squire. Quick."
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Andraste save him, if this involves horns -- or worse, antlers --

"Thank you," Cullen hisses, just in time. is he scared of Master Wade? It probably has something to do with the flame scales.
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It's -- red.

Cullen blinks at it, not sure whether to be horrified.

The coat is cut quite strangely, and but for the fur, it's clearly designed to be ornamental -- not quite a mandilion, as it's sleeveless, but not so flashy that anyone would think it Orlesian.

(This is Cullen's primary concern, if he's being honest.)


...might not find it wholly objectionable...?

The fur, though -- it does rather seem like overkill. But he stands still as Wade fusses. It seems the most advisable course of action.
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When Master Wade is finished, there's another layer between the breastplate and surcoat -- the same woven cloth, but with the gold border more visible, a little more ornate.

"It's -- a red lion's mane, isn't it?" Cullen's read of the giant cats of the Frostback Mountains, seen drawings, heard frightful tales by the hearth (embellished horribly by his older sister, less believably by his younger brother) -- he'd never thought he'd see any part of them himself, much less wear it. "I see why the Avvar were interested. Do you have a glass?"

(Honnleath is -- was -- in the foothills of the Frostbacks.)

He nearly doesn't recognize himself, as Wade herds him to the mirror. He looks -- older. Calmer. More... settled, within himself. Perhaps it's the new scar; perhaps it's spending the last several days knowing that his work is building something for his friend (not to mention his homeland), instead of desperately trying to prevent further death and destruction in a place he hates.

(Perhaps it's the red lion's mane.

Perhaps it's the very thin, tentative notion that maybe, just maybe, it might be possible to conceive of a life that doesn't involve the Templar Order. If he can look like this --

It's not who he is, not yet, but he could be -- )

Without taking his gaze from his own reflection, without any hemming and hawing, he says to Wade, "All right."
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They're very... high barks.

"That's Ci," Cullen sighs. "We're working on it."

He looks at Ysalwen. "Go on, say you told me so, I know you want to."
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"Yes, well." Cullen manages to refrain from rolling his eyes. He is a grown adult, after all. "I can admit when I'm wrong. Though it happens quite rarely.

"And it's not -- like a lock and key. It's -- an Alamarri word. Ci. C-i."
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He wasn't counting on her -- or anyone, really -- asking what it means.

"Uh. It... yes. Something like that."

Might as well get it over with. "Dog. It means dog."