freedom_is_grey: (Cloak from behind)
Ysalwen Surana, Warden-Commander of Ferelden ([personal profile] freedom_is_grey) wrote2016-01-23 11:05 pm

Field trips and sinking ships

It's cold and snowy on the lakeshore, but Ysalwen is walking there anyway. The cold is bracing, she has exercises to do, and it's a good place to think.

The number of Warden recruits is increasing, and while she refuses to offer the Joining to some of them, there's still been a doubling of her numbers in a relatively short time. It's time to start thinking how to turn a ragtag band of friends into something a little more --


And that's something with which she has too much of the wrong experience.

Hence thinking.

Or maybe brooding.

A little.

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